Our Admissions Information

Children start at South Ascot Village Primary School (SAVS) in the September of the school year in which they will become five.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) produces a booklet giving information about all primary schools admissions. 

Admissions into Primary School 2019

The school arrange monthly school tours, and prospective applicants are invited to attend. Please contact the school office for available dates.

A meeting for new parents is arranged in the summer term, prior to the child starting in September. The Headteacher will talkabout the organisation and curriculum in the FS2 class. Parents of new children will also be given the opportunity to meet with the class teacher to share relevant information which will support their child's induction to school.

The school accepts applications for pupils to join other year groups, providing places are available. Full details on making an in-year application are explained within the ‘Guide to In-Year Admissions’. This is available to download from the RBWM website:

RBWM Admissions

At South Ascot Village School the published admission number is 30 at age 4+. When there are more applications than there are places available, RBWM's policy is to admit the children in the following priority order:

A child who is the subject of an Education, Health and Care Plan will be admitted to the school named in his or her plan.

Remaining places will be allocated in line with the published oversubscription criteria. The criteria for community schools are, in descending order:

  1. Children in care. This category includes a ‘looked after child’ or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence or special guardianship order2
  2. Children with exceptional medical or social reasons for requiring the school.
  3. Children who live in the ‘designated appropriate area’ of the school and who have a sibling in attendance at the school at the time of the application and who is expected still to be attending the school at the time of entry.
  4. Children who live in the ‘designated appropriate area’ of the school.
  5. Children with a sibling in attendance at the school. The sibling would need to be attending the school at the time of admission of the child for whom a place is sought.
    1. i.e. children in the care of a local authority, as defined in the Children Act 1989, s.22.
    2. Adoption and Children Act 2002, s.46; Children Act 1989, s.8 and s.14A. Evidence of this status will be required.

Key Dates for Academic Year 2019/2020

  • Opening date – Thursday 1 November 2018

  • Closing date – Tuesday 15 January 2019 (Midday)

  • Extended deadline for exceptional circumstances – Wednesday 30 January 2019

  • National Offer Day – Tuesday 16 April 2019

  • Respond to a school place offer – Wednesday 1 May 2019

  • Waiting list positions for all applicants and late applicant offers – from May 201