EYFS - Home Learning - Week Nine

Dear parents and children,

I hope you are all well. I often wonder what you have all been up to and ponder on how much you have all grown during this time we have been apart. Has there been any celebrations in your families?

My Granddaughter had her 14th birthday in May and my Father had his 82nd birthday in April. It was a very different way of experiencing these special times and parties were not an option.
However, in the story of focus this week, Eliza is able to have a party for her birthday! Unfortunately, it was like no other party she had experienced before due to an uninvited guest in the form of an angry Wizard!!! Imagine having a Wizard turn up to your party waving his magic wand and casting spells! What a thought!

I will be thinking of you all, as ever,

Much love, Selina.

The maths and literacy activities this week are mainly themed around the story of The Princess and the Wizard. I have attached a version being read aloud. Please share the story first before completing the activities you and your child wishes to embark upon. 

The Princess and the Wizard

Click on the link to play the story


Literacy - Linked Activitis

Suggestions on how to use the attached materials - Literacy/cross curricular

Can you answer the following comprehension questions?

  1. What special occasion was Eliza celebrating?
  2. How old was Eliza?
  3. Give two reasons you know that the Wicked Wizard is angry?
  4. Why wasn’t the Wicked Wizard invited to the party?
  5. How did the Fairy Godmother say that Eliza could escape?
  6. What day did the Wicked Wizard lock the princess up?
  7. Why did the Wicked Wizard begin to count to 100?
  8. What did the Wicked Wizard do each time he caught Eliza?
  9. How did the King, Queen and party guests come back to life?
  10. Who did Eliza, her family and friends have to thank for saving them?
  • Can you create some invitations for Princess Eliza's birthday party?
  • If you were writing a wizard spell what would it be?
Imagine that you have your own fairy godmother.
  • Can you act out, write or draw a story about your fairy Godmother?
  • What is your favourite part of your story? Can you write a sentences/sentences about it? Does any of your sentence rhyme?
In the story, Eliza turns into a blue fish, a yellow chick, a red fox.
  • Can you create a picture of Eliza turning into an animal? You could draw, paint or make a collage. What is your favourite colour and why?
  • Can you make a list of colours? How many can you think of?
  • Can you experiment with colour mixing? Can you make new colours and make a poster to teach people how you made them?

Colour Mixing

  • Can you design and make a hat fit for a Wizard or a Princess?
  • Could you design and make a magic wand?
  • Can you make sandwiches for Eliza’s birthday party? Or any other foods that may be familiar to you and often shared during celebrations?
Princess Eliza has a fairy Godmother. When Christians get baptised, they have Godparents.
  • Can you complete the talking activities on the Christening powerpoint?

Christening Powerpoint

  • Eliza is a Princess. Can you do some research on your favourite person from the Royal Family?

Royal Family Powerpoint