EYFS Home Leaning - Week Fourteen

Dear parents and children,

It is hard to believe that this would have been our last full week together! We would like to share with you some of our memories as a keepsake for you!

Our magical box of F2 memories

We will put in our box

Theo’s sheer strength of character, his quest to always be where the action is and his sense of pride from his achievements,
Abbie’s growth of confidence, her love for chatting about her family and her stand out singing in assemblies,
Oskar learning to enjoy and excel in PE, his love of learning new sounds and that moment when he asked Father Christmas for his missing r,
And Lexi’s ability to give 110% in her small group work and her passion for all things that involved performance - dressing-up, dancing and role-play.

We will put in our box

Gulsana’s willingness to try something new, her determination and her love of number problems,
Ollie’s patience, his love of communicating with others, his caring nature and his poetic observations of the world around him,
Dylan’s quirky sense of humour, his fondness of the water-tray, his ability to get along with others and those cuddles,
And Savannah’s loyalty to her friends, her love of creative activities and her amazing accessories that she loved to wear.

We will put in our box

Kyan’s drive to take the lead, his agency, his politeness and how giving to others made him glow from the inside,
Scarlet’s joy of companionship, finding her voice grow and develop and her ability to sort 3-D shapes at speed,
Renaiya’s affinity with the after-school club, her passion for writing and creating number lines and that laugh,
And Kasey’s social intelligence, her deepness, her advocacy for others and her ability to run so very fast.

We will put in our box

Jaya’s warmth, up beat nature, her advocacy for others, her keenness to learn, and her unwavering positivity,
Billy’s dance moves, his flair in solving number problems, his painting skills and his ability to be a good friend,
Cruz’s utter exuberance, his individuality, challenging Selina to a sucking polo mints competition, and his creativeness and innovation,
And Mateo’s inquisitiveness, the technicality of his building creations, his drawings and his sense of fun.

We will put in our box

Haani’s comprehensive knowledge and captivation in all thing connected to the solar system, his love of reading, his photographical memory and his thought provoking conversations,
Alex’s energy, his love of Forest School sessions and the natural world, his wonderful representational skills and the original way he would answer the register – “I love you every day,”
Alfie’s big heart, his hand written notes for his teachers, his prowess in gym activities and his thoughtfulness,
And Harris’ cheeky chuckle, his disposition to sing, his inner-confidence/belief in his own capabilities and his ability to engage with others and make us laugh.

We will put in our box

Georgia’s ability to recognise and recreate pattern, her liking of domestic and small-world  play and her love for her teachers and her friends,
And Thomas’ gentleness, his responsible manner, thoughtfulness, and his desire to share with others his thoughts – “can I tell you something?”

Our magical box of F2 memories - Printable version

Thank you for being such a multifaceted and inspiring class. Our box of memories are full to the brim with many more unforgettable and meaningful memories that we shall treasure.
We have enjoyed every minute of our learning journey together – we are sorry it was cut short! We have shared so much and we will always be grateful for the time we had. We look forward to seeing you all as Year 1 pupils on our return to school.

With much love from Selina and Alison.

The maths and literacy activities this week are mainly themed around the stories above. I have attached a version of each of the books being read aloud. Please share the stories first, before completing the activities you and your child wishes to embark upon. 

How Many Legs?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea


Literacy - Linked Activitis

Suggestions on how to use the attached materials - Literacy/cross curricular

If you could choose any animal to have tea with, which one would you choose? Can you look closely at the picture and name the animals you can see? Are there any animals you would not like to invite for tea? Can you discuss why they would or would not make a good guest for tea? Can you write a sentence about your thoughts?
Would you like a tiger to come for tea? Can you write an invitation for a tea party? You could use the Tiger who came to tea template or design your own. Who would you invite?

Tiger Tea Invitation Templates

What foods would you choose for your tea party? What sort of decorations would you have? Can you write a shopping list for everything you would need?

Shopping List - writing frame

Can you remember what animals came to tea in the story How many legs? Have you ever seen a frog on a kangaroo? How much do you know about frogs? Do frogs always have legs? Do the number of legs they have change throughout their life? Can you watch the life cycle of a frog powerpoint and see if you learn something you didn’t know already?

Frog Life-Cycle - PowerPoint

Can you complete one of the life cycle of a frog writing activities?

Life-cycle of a frog - early writing activities

Now I know you can jump like a Kangaroo, hop like a frog and stomp like a dinosaur! Can you have a go at the move like an animal game?

Move Like an Animal Game

  Move Like an animal dice

How to play

Can you decide on six different animals and discuss how they move? On a square piece of paper write ‘move like a…’ and write the name of the animal. You could also draw a picture of the animal. Once you have made six cards, you can either stick them to a large dice or put them in a basket. Now, you can either roll the dice or pull a card out of the basket to see which animal you need to move like. If you prefer, you could also use the given template.

Here are lots of animal movement ideas…

Can you play the what am I animal guessing game with someone in your family? Could you create your own clues for some different animals to extend this activity?

  What Am I? Guessing Game

Can you have a go at some animal themed art? Could you transform one of your footprints into an animal? You could even add a lolly stick to make your very own puppet!

The story of How many legs uses lots of words that rhyme. Can you spot them? Can you complete the rhyming words worksheet?

Rhyming Words Worksheet

If you would like some Tiger who came to tea activities including a dot to dot and colouring pages you can access them here


Can you make some delicious animal themed food? You could make these ‘tiger claw’ cookies!