EYFS Home Leaning - Week Ten

Dear parents and children,

Imagine your surprise if you could talk to your own reflection! Well this is exactly what happens to Ellen in the story of focus for this week. I hope you enjoy the journey of discovering more about Ellen and her mirror-self!

I will be thinking of you all, as ever,

Much love, Selina.

The maths and literacy activities this week are mainly themed around the story of Princess Mirror-Belle and the dragon pox. I have attached a version being read aloud. Please share the story first before completing the activities you and your child wishes to embark upon. 

Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox

Click on the link to play the story


Literacy - Linked Activitis

Suggestions on how to use the attached materials - Literacy/cross curricular

Can you answer the following comprehension questions?

  1. Why was Ellen covered in spots?
  2. When Ellen was scratching her nose, what did the voice in the mirror say she would turn into?
  3. Did Ellen’s reflection stay in the mirror? What did her reflection say her name was?
  4. Why did Princess Mirror-Belle call her spots Dragon pox?
  5. Who did Princess Mirror-Belle say had stolen her slipper?
  6. Whose idea was it to try to make a cure for the pox?
  7. What ingredients for the cure created all those bubbles?
  8. Why did Ellen think her mum would be cross?
  9. How many servants did Princess Mirror-Belle say were needed to carry the King’s beard?
  10. Who had made a home in the King’s beard?

In the story Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox, Ellen meets her Princess mirror-self.

  • Do you think that your reflection could talk to you too?
  • If you could speak to your reflection what would you say to it?
  • Could she/he climb out of a mirror?
  • Where would she/he be from?
  • Could you create a picture to represent your thoughts?
  • Can you complete the spot the difference exercise? There are five to find!

  Spot the difference

  • Can you have a go at the mirroring drama exercise? 

  Magic Mirror

  • Can you look in the mirror and describe your features? For example, what colour eyes do you have? What is your hair like?
  • Can you choose one of the mirror frames and draw your own self-portrait? Can you write a sentence/sentences about yourself?

  Mirror Template

  • Can you use the we are all different powerpoint to help you think about the things that make you unique?
  • Can you think of one of your friends and describe them?
  • What are your similarities?
  • What things about you makes you unique to them?

We are all different - Powerpoint

In the story, Ellen is worried that her mum will be cross with her? Can you think about what makes you cross? What makes you happy? What makes you sad?
How can you tell how someone is feeling? Can you complete the happy/sad/angry sorting activity?

  Happy, sad and angry sorting activity

Princess Mirror-Belle father is the king who has an extremely long beard? Could you use the Bubble wizards’ tip on how to make foam to create Princess Mirror- Belle father’s beard? Or have a go at making bubble beards in the bath.

 The Bubble Wizard

Princess Mirror-Belle father’s beard has birds nesting in it! Can you have a go at making yummy chocolate crispy cake nests?

Crispy Cake Recipe

Does your father or father figure in your life have a beard? Can you watch the powerpoint on the topic of father’s day to find out more about why we celebrate father’s day?

All About Father's Day

Can you choose one of the medals to colour in to give to your father or father figure in your life on Father’s day? Or/and complete the father’s questionnaire with your thoughts on the answers to the questions?

Father's day medals

Father's Day Questionnaire

Phonics - air and are

The phonic focus this week is on the air/are sound as well as revisiting prior learning as always.
Phonics – air sound




Phonics – are sound




Phonics practice featuring both the air/are sound 


Phase 3 phonics - air

 Roll and Read

Music and Movement...

Cosmic kids – Cracker the dragon yoga


Puff the magic dragon song.


Mulan reflection song.