EYFS Home Learning - Week Thirteen

Dear parents and children,

This week we are being inspired by the Dinosaur that pooped series of stories – I think they are really fun and make me smile – I hope they have the same effect for you!

I will end this little introduction by sending you a big virtual kiss as Monday 6th July is International Kissing Day!  

Much love, as ever, Selina.

The maths and literacy activities this week are mainly themed around the stories above. I have attached a version of each of the books being read aloud. Please share the stories first, starting with The dinosaur that pooped a planet before completing the activities you and your child wishes to embark upon. 

The Dinosaur who Pooped a Planet

The Dinosaur who Pooped the Past


Literacy - Linked Activitis

Suggestions on how to use the attached materials - Literacy/cross curricular

  • Can you complete the cross curricular activities relating to the Dinosaur that pooped? In this selection you will find 10 fun space facts, a ‘poop pairs’ card game, a word and more!

  Cross curricular activities

  • How well do you know your dinosaurs? Can you complete the dinosaur fact match activity?

  Dinosaur Fact Match

  • Would you like some extra work-sheet based maths activities? Can you complete the maths dinosaur themed booklet?

  Maths Work Booklet


  • Would you like to travel to space? Imagine what it would be like. What 10 things would you take with you? Can you write a list of the most important things you would take so you do not forget anything? Remember that each new thing needs to be written on a new line. You could use the sheet or simply write out your list on a piece of paper.

   10 Things I Would Take to Space in My Rocket

  • Can you imagine landing on the moon?
  • During this activity we are going to find out about the first moon landing. Can you watch the video of Neil Armstrong making history and talk to your child about what they can see – would they like to walk on the moon?
  • Can you find out some simple facts about the moon landing? These could include:
  • What was the name of the first person to walk on the moon?
  • What was the name of the rocket?
  • When did it happen?
  • What did the astronauts place on the moon before they left?
  • You could record your information by creating a mind map or a poster. 

   Lunar landing clip

  • Imagine you met a real astronaut. What questions would you like to ask them? I know there are many things I would like to find out about space. 
  • What do questions begin with? Re-cap with your child the type of words questions begin with i.e. what, when, who, when, why etc...
  • Your child can have a go at writing the question or maybe you can scribe the questions they think of. Here are some ideas:
  • Can you see the planet Earth from space?
  • Can you see the stars twinkling when you are in space?
  • Have you ever met an alien? 
  • Is the moon really made of cheese?

  • Can you have a go at this fun moon rock count and throw game?
Make some simple moon rocks by scrunching up paper or foil. Place a basket or box on the floor and ask your child to count how many rocks they have thrown into the box. Encourage them to count with one to one correspondence. Once they have counted them can they practice writing the number? Who can get the most in the box?
  • Have you had a go at making your own rocket as suggested in the 1st dinosaur that pooped maths activity? If you did, do they look like any of these?

  • If you have not yet made a space rocket using items you can find at home, do you feel inspired to have a go now? Be as imaginative as you can…let your ideas take off!

This stunning painting is called ‘Starry Night’. It was painted a long time ago by an artist called Van Gogh. Do you enjoy looking up at the stars? What do you notice about the night’s sky when you do?

Can you look carefully at Van Gogh’s painting and describe what you see? What shapes/colours can you see? Can you create your own painting similar to Van Gogh’s Starry Night? Maybe you could use paint, chalk or pastels to create your picture. 

The sun is the biggest star in the sky. Hopefully we will have some more sunshine coming our way as a sunny day would be perfect to have a go at this melting experiment activity! You will need: a cake/muffin tray, various objects (some that melt and others that do not). These could include – an ice cube, a piece of crayon, a chunk of chocolate, a piece of candle, a knob of butter, a Lego brick, a marble, a wooden block.
Place one item in each of the sections of the tray. Ask your child to predict which ones they think will melt in the sun. Can they tell you why they think what they think? Place the tray in the sun and encourage your child to observe the items throughout the day. Which ones melted and which ones did not? Can your child explain why some melted and others did not?

  • Can you make some delicious space themed food? You could make some special rocket kebabs using fruit or make some star shaped biscuits for example?


Can you make some planets out of playdough? If you add some black food colouring and glitter/sequins your planets will really sparkle! How many have you made? Which one is the biggest/smallest?

  Play Dough Recipe

Phonics - ay, a-e and ai

The phonic focus this week is on the sounds ay, a-e, and ai as well as revisiting prior learning as always.
In addition, can you complete the tricky words home learning challenges? You may wish to revisit this tricky/sight words song to remind you of some.

Trick Word Song

Phonics - read common irregular words home learning challenges

Phonics - write common irregular words home learning challenges

Replace with further content or remove this additional text...

Phonics – ay sound



Phonics – a-e sound




Phonics – ai sound




Alphablocks episode featuring the ay, ai and the a-e sound


Alternative spellings – ai, a-e, ay, ei, eigh and a


Workbooklets and worksheets:

  'ai' -Sound-Family-Phoneme-Spotter-Story

ai, ay and ae - sound family phoneme roll and read mat

Digraph workbook - ai


Songs related to the themes of the stories

StoryBots – We are the planets song


StoryBots – the Moon song


StoryBots dinosaurs – Stegosaurus


StoryBots dinosaurs – Apatosaurus


5 Little men in a flying saucer


Zoom, zoom, zoom we’re going to the moon


And relax...

Cosmic kids yoga – Mike and Muttnik on the moon


Cosmic kids yoga – Tiny the T-Rex