EYFS Home Learning - Week Twelve

Dear parents and children,

I hope you are all keeping well.

This week we will be thinking of how we can ensure that we do just that in a variety of ways. Thankfully, I know that you are not like Oliver in the story books, who, at one point says he only eat chips and that he does not eat fruit!

Luckily, Oliver learns to try new foods and begins to enjoy lots of healthy vegetables and fruit. Perhaps you could try some fruit or vegetables that you have never tried before this week? 

Much love, as ever, Selina.

The maths and literacy activities this week are mainly themed around the stories above. I have attached a version of each of the books being read aloud. Please share the stories first, starting with Oliver’s Vegetables before completing the activities you and your child wishes to embark upon. 

Oliver's Vegetables

Oliver's Fruit Salad

Oliver's Milkshake

Bug Club

I would like to take the opportunity to remind you of the online reading resource known as Bug Club. Here you can find reading books for your child to access at their reading level (graded at the start of lock-down) and as your child works through the books allocated the system has been set to automatically load new books as your child progresses.
Another useful website you may like to visit to access books for your child is the Book Trust.

The Book Trust


Literacy - Linked Activitis

Suggestions on how to use the attached materials - Literacy/cross curricular

  • Can you complete the cross curricular activities on the home learning sheet relating to Oliver’s Vegetables?

  Home learning challenge sheet - Oliver's Vegetables

Oliver learns to enjoy a more balanced diet in the stories.

  • Can you share the looking after yourself powerpoint and list all the things you do to help you stay healthy?

  Looking After Yourself - Ppt

  • Can you have a go at making a delicious vegetable soup? You could use Oliver’s recipe of one of your own?

  Vegetable Oliver's Soup Recipe

Oliver learnt a lot about where food comes from.

  • Can you use the where does food come from powerpoint to check your understanding on this topic? Did you learn something new?

   Where does food come from? - Ppt

Have you ever been to a farm? Oliver was surprised when he was shopping for ingredients for milkshake and found himself on a farm.

  • Can you complete one or all of the on the farm writing activities?

On the Farm - writing activities

You may enjoy the powerpoint story Granddad’s farm where Jaz helps her Granddad with all the jobs that being a farmer entails. 

  • Are there any jobs you would not help with? How do you help your family at home?

Granddad's Farm Story - Ppt

  • Can you watch the clip of Ben? Ben dreams of being a farmer – could you imagine being a farmer? What vegetables would you plant? What fruit trees would you choose? What animals would you most like to have?

  Ben dreams of being a farmer - Youtube

  • Can you have a go at being an I-Spy sound detective with Iesha at Honeysuckle Farm? Get your listening ears at the ready.

Cbeebies - I-Spy Sound Detective - Farm

  • Can you listen to these farm related poems? Can you make up a poem of your own?

   Down on the farm poems

Cross Curricular Activities

  • Can you complete the cross curricular activities on the home learning sheet relating to the topic of farms?

Cross-curricular home learning challenges

  • Can you experiment at growing your own vegetable tops at home?

   Veggie Top Growing!

Fruit and vegetable printing

  • Can you have a go at using fruit and vegetables to make your own patterns or create abstract art? Or how about having a go at a still life drawing/painting of fruit and/or vegetables?

Ice Lollies

  • How about making some fruit ice-lollies? You could choose your favourite fruit – it does not have to be raspberries!


Songs related to the themes of the stories

Days of the week song


Fruit Salad song


One potato, two potato…


Old Mac Donald had a farm


The Farmer in his den


There was a Farmer who had a dog…


And relax....

Cosmic kids yoga – on the farm


Cosmic kids yoga – Betsy the Banana