Home Science Activities

Dear Parents,

Please take a few minutes to look at the following simple science investigations you could carry out at home with your child.

You will find the investigations on the right/below
This set of colourful postcards provides hands on activities which link to the topics of electricity, sound, forces, and changes of state. The mini-investigations are fun to do and get children thinking about the concepts involved.

Two cartoon characters, Marvin and Milo, demonstrate the fun experiments, which are designed to appeal to primary age children. I have tried to select a variety of experiments and hopefully you will have the resources in your homes to carry out at least a few.

Before starting an investigation, please ensure you carry out a risk assessment, so that your child and any other people involved are aware of safety concern. Please be assured that the risks are minimal, as the investigations are designed for primary school children. Nevertheless, adult supervision is required.

After each investigation, please chat with your child about what happened and why. This will encourage the use of scientific terminology and a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

Have fun!


Mrs Winterbottom

Science Subject Leader