Year 1 - Home Learning - Week 12

Hi All,

Please find work below for this week.

In Literacy children will be looking at poems. In Maths they will be completing a booklet on Addition and Subtraction, we will do the first half of the booklet this week and the second half next week. in Science we will continue to be looking at plants.

Enjoy everyone:) Missing those children that aren't in school. 

Miss Gardener x 


Please complete the spellings on page 1 this week.

Phonics Activity Mat 3

Please complete Phonics Activity Mat 3 only. Find the answer sheets towards the end of the document. 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Above  is a SPaG mat for the children to complete. Choose which sheet is appropiate for your child (1 star = hard, 2 stars = harder and 3 stars = hardest). Answers at the bottom.

Reading and Comprehension - The Zoo Vet

Reading and comprehension questions on a Zoo Vet. Please ask your child to read the text. Choose the appropiate starred question sheet for your child. 

Literacy / Grammar (1) - Full Stops and Capital Letters

We will be working through this booklet for the rest of the term for grammar. Please complete pages 2 - 5 this week. 

Literacy (2) - Writing

So the children can practise their full stops and capital letters complete the activity on the above link. Please encourage the use of different adjectives to describe the pictures. 

Literacy (3) - Rhyming Words

Ask children to complete this sheet on under water rhyming words.  After this, ask children to write a rhyming poem using the words they thought of.

Literacy (3) - Bordered paper to write a rhyming poem on

Literacy (4) - PowerPoint on Acrostic Poems

Please go through this PowerPoint with your child. 

Literacy (4) - Acrostic Poem Template

Your child can use this template for their acrostic poems. 

Literacy (5) - Acrostic Poems Continued 

Please go through this PowerPoint with your child. Ask them to complete another acrostic poem (using the template above from lesson 4 if needed) using their name this time. 

Ongoing Activity for Maths

Please continue to count onwards and backwards from 100 with your child. You can use this PowerPoint or just simply ask the children to say it out loud to you. If they want a challenge you can count up and back in twos, fives or tens. 

5 x tables colour by numbers

Please ask children to complete page 2 to practise their 5 x tables. 

Maths Addition and Subtraction Booklet 

On the above link is an addition and subtraction booklet for children to work through throughout this week and next week. Please do the following this week:

Monday: pages 2, 3 and 4

Tuesday: pages 5, 6 and 7

Wednesday: pages 8 and 9

Thursday: pages 10 and 11

Friday: pages 12, 13 and 14

Maths Addition and Subtraction Answers

Answers for the Maths booklet above. 

Science - Parts of a Plant PowerPoint

Please go through this PowerPoint with your child.

Science - Parts of a plant activity 1

Science - Parts of a plant activity 2

Referring to the PowerPoint above, if you have the materials create the plant on slide 13. If you do not have the materials please draw a plant and use the sheets on the above 2 links to label your plant creations / drawing. 

RE - Synagogue PowerPoint Presentation

Please go through this PowerPoint with your child. 

RE - Parts of a Synagogue

Choose the appropiate sheet for your child and complete the cut and stick activity. 

Fun Things - Cereal Box Teddy Bear Car

Fun Things - Triceratops Cut Out Figure

Fun Things - Colour by Numbers Times Tables

Enjoy : )