Year 1 - Home Learning - Week 13

Hi All,

As per usual. please find work below for children to complete this week.

By the end of the week in Literacy children will be writing their own newspaper articles. In Maths, children will be completing the second half of their Maths booklets. Please ensure you print the Geography sheet on Monday so they can complete a weather chart for the week. 

I hope you are all keeping safe and well, I look forward to seeing more children this week : ) I hope everyones still keeping safe and well!

Miss Gardener x 


Please complete the spellings on page 2 this week.

Phonics Activity Mat 4

Please complete Phonics Activity Mat 4 only. Find the answer sheets towards the end of the document. 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Above  is a SPaG mat for the children to complete. Choose which sheet is appropiate for your child (1 star = hard, 2 stars = harder and 3 stars = hardest). Answers at the bottom.

Reading and Comprehension -  Deep Sea Explorers

Reading and comprehension questions on a Deep Sea Explorers. Please choose the appropiate starred sheet for your child. (1 star = hard, 2 stars = harder and 3 stars = hardest). Answers at the bottom.

Literacy / Grammar (1) - Full Stops and Capital Letters

We will be working through this booklet for the rest of the term for grammar. Please complete pages 6 - 8 this week. 

Literacy (2) - Features of a newspaper article

Please read this with your child and discuss the features of the newspaper article (features on the second page). 

Literacy (2) - The 5 Ws

Ask children to complete this question sheet after reading the newspaper article on 'The gorilla gardener with green fingers'. 

Literacy (2) - The 5Ws answers

Literacy (3) - Planning their own newspaper article

Now we have looked at an existing newspaper article ask your your child to come up with their own ideas for a newspaper article. Fill in the sheet on the link above. Ideas could include:

 - An alien who loves helping people with their shopping

- A giraffe who loves to clean houses (I wish)

The wackier the better!

Literacy (4 / 5) - Newspaper article template

For the last 2 lessons of the week ask your child to write their newspaper article using the template above. 

Ensure they include: a headline, a quote, a picture. who, what, when and where. Please also ensure they are using capital letters for pronouns and at the beginning of sentences. 

In class the children will be reading their articles out loud pretending they are news readers. You could do this at home too. If you like, you can email your childs video into the school and I can show it to the rest of the class.

Ongoing Activity for Maths

Please continue to count onwards and backwards from 100 with your child. You can use this PowerPoint or just simply ask the children to say it out loud to you. If they want a challenge you can count up and back in twos, fives or tens. 

10 x tables colour by numbers

Please ask children to complete page 3 to practise their 10 x tables. 

Maths Addition and Subtraction Booklet 

On the above link is an addition and subtraction booklet for children to work through throughout this week and next week. Please do the following this week:

Monday: pages 15 and 16

Tuesday: pages 17

Wednesday: pages 18, 19 and 20

Thursday: pages 21, 22 and 23

Friday: pages 24, 25 and 26

Maths Addition and Subtraction Answers

Answers for the Maths booklet above. 

Science - What do plants need PowerPoint

Please go through this PowerPoint with your child.

Science - What do plants need?

In the sunflower book fill out the 'what do plants need' section. 

Geography - Weather Record Sheet

Printing this sheet off on Monday ask your child to keep a record of the weather for each day of the week.

RE - Christian Church

Please go through this PowerPoint with your child. 

RE - Plan of a Church Activity

Choose the appropiate sheet for your child and complete the cut and stick activity. 

Fun Things - Kindness Wordsearch

Fun Things - Mazes

Fun Things - Pets Colouring Sheets

Enjoy : )