Year 2 - Home Learning - Week 10
Hello everyone! Time is flying by and we can't believe how many weeks have gone by! It is so long since we saw your lovely faces! Here is some more work based on Rainbows-branching out onto Heroes-very apt for all of the people that have kept everyone going over the last few months.

English Monday

Look at the above information and discuss what you think makes a hero. Write a paragraph or two- remember to use the correct punctuation, cursive handwriting and interesting vocabulary to engage the reader. Illustrate it at the end.

English Tuesday

There are three abilities. 1 star being the easiest so please choose accordingly. Read through and answer the questions on our new national hero. 

English Wednesday 

Use the pictures to discuss all the different types of jobs that people do. At the moment key workers are being discussed across the world. Why is this? Do you know of any key workers? If you had to be a key worker which one would you be and why? Write about this and illustrate it beautifully. You can make it into a poster or a book. The opportunities are endless.

English Thursday

Having thought about key workers and heroes this week you can now do a rough copy of an acrostic poem about your hero that you choose to write about. It maybe someone who is in the news at the moment or it might be the key worker job that you wrote about yesterday...

English Friday

Now write it up with your best presentation and illustrate it. Send us a copy on our email!!!!

Maths  Monday 


Online practise



Maths Tuesday tutorial

Online practise



Maths Wednesday tutorial

Online practise



Maths Thursday tutorial

 Online practise



Maths Friday 

Just an online game to play today!


This week look at art work by Kandinsky. Look through the powerpoint attached above and look and experiment with colour mixing. Then have a go at creating your own circle picture. Or..... change it up and do different shapes! Think about all the shapes you have been looking at this week!

Have another fab week.