Year 2 - Home Learning - Week Nine

Tuesday English

Read through the powerpoint and complete the activities together.   

Wednesday English

1 star is the easiest

Thursday English activity


Can you go to Twinkl to down load the Treasures in the garden story as it is too big to upload!

Friday English Activity

Having looked at the Treasures in the garden story from twinkl have a go at sequencing the story. You may like to use the template to write simple sentences. However you could complete in on yor own template/make a book/lined paper to retell the story. Remember conjunctions, speech,adjectives etc to engage the reader.

Maths  Monday Tutorial

MONDAY -  Watch the tutorial (click on link above) and then have a ago at the interactive game and the worksheet.  No need to print the worksheet out, you can always copy it onto any piece of paper.

Online practise



Maths Tuesday tutorial

Online practise



Maths Wednesday tutorial

Online practise



Maths Thursday tutorial



Maths Friday  interavtive game


Have a go at this fun experiment.  See if you can record your results. ( Click on the link above)

Some fun. Make a kaleidoscope. there are lots of different ways to create a kaleidoscope. have a look online to see which ones you like, or follow the link below.


Have a fantastic week everyone. Fingercrossed the weather will pick up again!

We miss you all