Year 2 - Home Learning - Week Thirteen


This week is all about measuring. Measuring is a practical skill, so have a go at the practical activities as well as the activities on the computer and worksheets. Have fun with it!

Maths  Monday 

Online practise



No video today. Have a go at recording the temperature for the week.If you have a thermometer in the house try reading and looking at that. If not maybe look at the weather on the TV or your parents phones!

Online practise



Maths Wednesday tutorial

Online practise



 Maths Thursday Tutorial

 Online practise



Maths Friday 


Design and make you own clock. Make it so that the hands move. Challenge you family to guess the time and have them make some times for you to read.

Make yourself a windmill. Make it as colourful as you can.

Finally, last week you made a main course for you dinner! This week make a delicious fruit salad! Try to add as many different colour fruits as you can. Maybe try a fruit that you have not eaten before!

Have a fab week!


Literacy Monday-script

Following on the theme of the script. Look at the characters and choose one character. Write a characher description.

Character profile-Monday

Literacy Tuesday , Wednesday,

Discuss how the characters might have felt being on the ark for so long! Write about what their living conditions were like and what they might have done on the boat. Use the diary template to help you.

Literacy Thursday, Friday

Think of the different animals that might have been on Noah's Ark. Choose your favourite animal  and choose it. You could also create a new animal by taking different parts of animals and sticking them together. You could then describe the new animal and do a drawing to go with it.