Year 2 - Home Learning - Week Twelve

Hi everyone,

We hope that you have all had a good weekend and mananged to get out and about amongst the showers! Carry on this week looking at the different links and completeing as much as you can and to the best of ability.  We know how hard you can all work!

For DT this week we have said to make a Rainbow pizza (see link at bottom of the apge). So literacy task is to write the recipe!  You may find it easier to make the pizza first, then remember the way you made it! Look at the link below to help you know what to include in your instructions.

 Recipe template

Writing a recipe

You don't need to do all of these. Pick out the ones that interest you. Again make them exciting but don't forget the basics. Capital letters, fullstops, adjectives are all important!

SPaG mats and Reading comprehension; 1 star is the easiest.

Spag Mats

Reading comprehension


This week is all about measuring. Measuring is a practical skill, so have a go at the practical activities as well as the activities on the computer and worksheets. Have fun with it!

Maths  Monday 

Online practise



Maths Tuesday tutorial

Online practise



Maths Wednesday tutorial

Online practise



Maths Thursday tutorial

 Online practise


To get to grips with measuring mililitres have a go with pouring water. Colour the water to help see the line. Try measuring different amount and have a bit of fun. Try not to spill too much!!


Maths Friday 

We hope you enoyed the art over the last 2 weeks. This week we will look at some design and technology!  Again its you chance to be creative, use you maths skill and be practical!


Have a go at some cooking this week. Make a Rainbow pizza! We love a good pizza. Have a look at what foods you could put on the pizza to try and keep it healthy. you can adapt the ingredients to suit you. Make it easier if you want or challenge yourself and make you're own dough. We know there are some budding chefs out there amongst you guys, so show us you skills!!

There are some links below to help and inspire you.