Year 6 - Home Learning - Week 14

Weekly plan

The plan for the final week of Year 6!

Letter to all - please read!

I need your baby photos!

Maths starters

Maths warm-up for the week.

Monday - Maths first task

Monday - Maths second task

Monday - Maths extension

Monday - Roald Dahl letter

Read page 18.

Tuesday - Maths first task

Tuesday - Maths second task

Tuesday - Maths third task

Tuesday - Maths third task answers

Wednesday - Maths first task

Wednesday - Maths second task

Wednesday - Maths extension

Wednesday - Group B Quiz Questions

Wednesday - Quiz answers

Thursday - Maths first task


Thursday - Maths second task

More Maths.

Thursday - Maths second task answers


Thursday - Maths third task

Even more Maths!

Thursday - Maths third task answers


Tommy's SAVS poem 

Guess the Baby 2020 Edition

It is here! Thank you those who sent photos. It is a shame that we didn't quite manage the whole class but they are excellent photos to have a guess at as always. Apparently there are lots of messy eaters in the change there, then!

Just click play on the PowerPoint and let the guessing begin!